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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. thanks for joining us. we'll be back in new york tomorrow night. thank you. donald trump, ladies and gentlemen. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. governor mike pence, the republican vice presidential nominee will join us in just a second. there are many big developments in the presidential campaign to talk with him about, beginning with an associated press investigation finding that more than half the private individuals hillary clinton met with, as secretary of state were donors to the clinton foundation. the report adding fuel to donald trump's calls earlier this week for a special prosecutor to investigate clinton and her family foundation during her time at the state department. now, earlier today, clinton campaign manager robby muke responded to the new
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revelations this way. >> by our count, there were over 1700 other meetings that she had. you know, she was secretary of state. she was meeting with foreign officials and government officials constantly. so to pull all of them out of the equation, cherry pick a very small number of meetings is pretty outrageous. >> joining us now from will ming top, north carolina, republican vice presidential nominee mike pence. governor pence, thanks for joining us. you heard bobby mook there. i don't know do you agree with that, disagree? push back? >> it really is extraordinary, eric, that this cascade of controversies and emails coming out each and every day are continuing to give further and further evidence of a direct connection between foreign contributors and corporate contributors to the clinton foundation and access and special favors granted by the state department. i mean, donald trump and i
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have made it clear that this evidence cries out for action. the clintons should immediately shut down the clinton foundation, not just if she gets elected president, and, frankly, the obama administration should initiate an independent special prosecutor immediately to get to the bottom of what's been going on. i mean, this is really remarkable. now, the clintons have actually admitted that there would be a conflict of interest if she became president of the united states so them accepting foreign contributions to the clinton foundation. but apparently, eric, there was no conflict of interest when hillary clinton was the secretary of state of the united states involved in and directing all of america's diplomatic efforts. it makes no sense. no one is above the law. the american people have a right to know the answers and to know what was going on here and donald trump and i are calling for immediate action by the administration to create an independent
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special prosecutor and that would be the right thing for them to do. >> governor, why do you think there is not much of an appetite by the obama administration and the department of justice to, in fact, appoint a special prosecutor? >> well, we just seen, a course of conduct here. it was a couple of weeks ago that the latest tranche of emails came out that for the first time seemed to establish a direct quick between foreign contributors to the clinton foundation and access and favors by the state department and a day later, you remember, eric, we found out that the fbi had actually wanted to initiate a public corruption investigation into the clinton foundation but was shut down by other officials in the justice department or in the administration. that's exactly what the special prosecutor statute is for. if the fbi is unable to take action on this, then that's what you appoint an independent special prosecutor for. that's what donald trump and i are calling on, and i think millions of americans would support that call and
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we'll see if the president is willing to take the action. >> you know. president obama early on, when he appointed asked hillary clinton to join the state department said we want you to keep the clinton foundation business separate from the state department business. it doesn't seem like they did that very well, did they? >> well, you know, the so-called -- you know, separation or the wall between the state department and the clinton foundation appears to be crumbling before our eyes. and frankly, hillary clinton is making light of it. it is remarkable. the toughest interview she has done in a while was with jimmy kimmel and she joked that her emails were boring. eric, this is no laughing matter. this is the pay to play politics that the american people are tired of and they deserve to know before early voting begins in just a matter of weeks what the truth of all of this is. and it's time for hillary clinton to come clean. it's time for the clintons to shut down the clinton foundation but, more important than that, it's time for this administration
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to appoint an independent special prosecutor to look into what is increasingly obvious conflict of interest that existed between the clinton foundation. >> nice way to say possibly pay to play possibly illegal activity. in the corporate world if you were doing this as a board member ingrateiating lining your own pocket you would get thrown out and maybe thrown in jail. >> there was that other piece too, eric that we just found out. the a.p. hat tipped to the associated press for finding out that more than half of the private meetings that secretary of state clinton held during her tenure as america's top diplomat were with individuals who had contributed and interest that contributed more than $150 million to the clinton foundation. i mean that is just breath-taking. you have to remember, your viewers need to remember, you know, foreigners cannot
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contribute to the american political process. and so the idea that the foreign contributions to the clinton foundation gave access very office of the secretary of state i think shocking to the american people deserve to know what was going on. >> i have been looking into the clinton foundation for a long time. i'm telling you, this hook on the company called -- you will hear a lot more about tenao holdings. this is that wall that you are talking about. that brought that wall right down. they brimgd the gap between those two worlds and it looks to me very fishy, shady, shadowing. i will move onto the next topic. your campaign, donald trump has been on the campaign trail courting the african-american vote and hispanic vote. let's take a listen. to the african-american vote, great people. to the hispanic voter, who had been absolutely treated
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terribly, i say what do you have to lose? what? i will fix it. i will be able to make sure that when you walk down the street in your inner city or wherever you are, you are not going to be shot, your child isn't going to be shot. >> okay, governor. what are you going tore? what number are you looking for? i think you are polling somewhere around 8% of the black vote, 20, 22% of the black vote. hispanic vote. what number do you need? >> donald trump has made it clear that he wants to be president for all the people of the united states of america. his vision to make america great again, make america safe again. to make america work again is a vision for every american in every community in the city and on the farm. and i have got to tell you, i'm so proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder with this man who understands the republican party is the party of lincoln.
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abraham lincoln, you know, led america through that great trial of the civil war and ended slavery once and for all. it was abraham lincoln who championed the end of the abomination of slavery and our party, i believe, i believe our party has to continue as my hero jack kempf used to say continue to reach out with that opportunity vision to every american. whether it's african-americans or hispanic americans, everybody wants safe streets. they want good schools. they want more jobs. and donald trump and i are going to fight to bring that every community. >> there was a marked pivot maybe about a week and a half, two weeks ago where did he turn the focus to african-americans and hispanics maybe with this somewhat of a softening position on immigration. where did that come from? who generated that pivot? >> well, i can tell you that the person running donald trump's campaign, the person writing donald trump's speeches is donald trump. what you get from donald trump and what i just saw
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here in north carolina today again, eric, is he has made a connection with the american people like no one in my lifetime since ronald reagan. it's because quite a contrast with hillary clinton is he a truth teller who speaks straight from his mind, straight from his heart and so i -- you know, i know many of the pundits and the political class want to see some sort of strategy that's at work. what can i tell is you donald trump is speaking his mind straight to the american people. they hear him loud and clear. and i truly do believe the momentum in this campaign is extraordinary and it's going to carry us all the way to victory in november. >> leave it there. governor, i want to point out to your audience manufacturing methods tool and dye company. flourishing. small business, expanded that's the reason you are there. thank you very much for spending time with us tonight. >> eric, this is a great success story. started but guy with two employees and we couldn't be more proud to be here.
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ed in the impact segment tonight reaction to our interview with the republican vice presidential nominee mike pence. joining us now from washington, former democratic congressman dennis kucinich. okay, congressman, let's go. what do you like best and what didn't you like from what you heard from governor pence, the vice presidential nominee. >> first, let me tell you what i did like. once again, governor pence proved why he was chosen by donald trump. he presents himself in a very level headed way. he explains things. he has a depth of knowledge of government. and he was a solid choice and he continues to demonstrate that. >> okay. now, let's talk a little bit
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about the clinton foundation. he wants and donald trump and mike pence are calling for independent prosecutor to take a look. side from what the fbi may or may not be doing. they want to take a look at the clinton foundation dealings. what do you think of the clinton foundation. >> first of all, the questions about raised pay to play are questions of the public interest. they have to be looked at. they cannot be dismissed out of hand. as far as the appointment of a special prosecutor by the president, you have to remember this that the president appoints a special prosecutor, the president can get rid of a special prosecutor. i believe the constitution was set up to handle this and that congress, in this case you have a special committee chaired by chairman gowdy, the government oversight committee chaired by chairman chaffetz. those committees are set up to deal with this and go deeper into the probe. i do not favor a special prosecutor. >> when did you that, congressman, when that happens, democrats and liberals say oh, that's republican mob that's going after hillary clinton. unduly. >> now, wait a minute, we
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have a system of checks and balances. and we have a partisan system. you know, i don't always like it but i recognize it for what it is. i think that the people who are in charge of those committees have the capacity to be able to look at evidence objectively for what it is. i do not want congress to give up its authority to special prosecutor. >> congressman, did the system of checks and balances check off or sign off on hillary clinton's ability to run the clinton foundation and the state department at the same time? >> you could see that there was a responsibility that secretary had to provide information. there is a question as to whether information was provided to the obama white house. >> congressman, congressman. >> yes, sir. >> she got approval to do this by, who? herself? >> look, i'm not defending to be very clear about this. that position that has been taken by secretary clinton
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can not be defended what you can say and this is a matter of import here that a special prosecutor has a whole range of problems in our constitutional structure. i favor congress doing its job and congress must pick up where it left off with this probe. >> all right. let's move on. i think we're moving on on the black vote. i asked governor pence about donald trump's pivot to address the black vote. he has 8%. unless my numbers are wrong. john mccain only pulled in four or five% of the black vote and mitt romney 5 to 6% of the black vote. is he doing better with the black vote than the prior two republicans. >> have a right to know creation of jobs, healthcare, education of the children and frankly, if you look at the statistics in the last two years, there has been a massive transfer of wealth away from most african-american families principally because of the
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subprime meltdown. >> under president obama, the first african-american president. >> it happened, period. why did it happen? the subprime melt down caused a diminishing of the wealth. can i tell you from cleveland where i'm at. cleveland area was devastated boy the subprime meltdown where no dock lo dock lows. proliferating bnks cashing in. donald trump should be speaking to that. as someone who has challenged wall street in various ways and doesn't get along very well with wall street. he may be in a better position to address those economic issues. >> thank you very much for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> next on the rundown, donald trump says is he open to softening his immigration stance. is that a smart move for his campaign? that debate upcoming.
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in the unresolved problem segment tonight, donald trump's stance on illegal immigration. >> is there any part of the law that you might be able to change that would accommodate those people that contribute to society, have been law abiding, have kids here, would there be any room in your mind or -- pause i know you had a meeting with this week with hispanic leaders. >> i had a meeting with great people, great hispanic leaders and there certainly can be a softening because we are not looking to hurt people. we want people. we have some great people in this country. we have some great, great people in this country. but we're going to follow the laws of this country. >> with trump indicating his position may not be softening, will it help or harm his campaign? joining us now to analyze from san diego, syndicated columnist for the "the washington post." reuben and from chicago steve cortez, a member of
8:22 pm
the trump campaign member advisory council. reuben, your thoughts on this let's call it a softening. actually, i'm not sure what he is proposing at the moment. but your thoughts on the fact that if he does, in fact, propose a softening, letting some stay, taking the criminals out, good idea or bad idea? >> eric, good to be with you again. i think it's a nonsensical idea. i don't think it's going to make a difference one way or the other because the opinion of latino voters is set in concrete with regard to donald trump. is he destined to get 20% of the latino vote. if is he lucky. he has so much offended and insulted this community they will not forget it come election day. >> how did he offend the latino community? >> okay. in a couple different ways. first of all right out of the gate after his announcement in june he called my mexican grandfather a criminal and a rapist. he said that mexico does not send west people criminals and rapists. there was no mention this that phrase about illegal immigrants. >> go look it up. >> i did look it up.
8:23 pm
good people, too. that first comment some good people here is my point is he damned if he does. damned if he doesn't. didn't like the fact up put a wall up. keep mexicans out. seems like he softened that. >> i didn't take a position one way or the wall. my position has been if you want to build it, fine. people buy ladders and get over the wall. that isn't the issue. latinos are not offended by the wall. they were offended by his terms criminals and rapist. went after the mexican judge u.s. born called him a mexican you can't because of your ethnicity do your job correctly because of a. he doesn't understand my community and keeps making simple mistakes. >> let me ask steve is there a chance for donald trump? he is polling 20 to 22% of hispanic vote. is there a chance for him to get higher and does he need to. >> eric, there absolutely
8:24 pm
is. is he speaking to their problems and needs to and solutions to those issues. this is what i think is important regarding hispanics. it's offensive, you know, reuben talks about what's offensive to him. it's offensive to hispanics who did it the right way, who followed the procedures, followed the law. by the way cumbersome procedures people like my father to come here legally and become an american citizen to then say we are going to allow illegals to hop the line and cheat and get in front of you. on top of that you have to compete with them in the labor market. illegals tend to work. we are going to secure the border. nonnegotiable. we are not going to reward i will illustrate legals with citizenship. this is smart. showing is he come compassionate realistic leader. i'm compassionate. one of the people fortunate to be advising him. what too we do with the problems of illegals who are here. we want to be come paths
8:25 pm
that the and still uphold the law. we are not going to go to amnesty but sensible and compassionate among those we deport and who gets to stay. >> how decide who gets to stay. >> number one more aggressive about making sure the dangerous people deported immediately. >> check two the dangerous people. now what? what about the other 11.5 million? >> what i will advise to him is. this people were w. families are allowed to stay. we will not split up families. i also advise we have a longevity check. if you have been here longer than five years or ten years you still get a preference. there has to be a process. not just a get out of free charge. financial penalty, maps a crutch back. >> here is my problem, i have been talking about this for a long time. i don't know what the difference of what steve just outlined vs. amnesty. >> bingo, bingo. exactly right. eric, i was thinking the same thing. what steve said is just really a mess full of double
8:26 pm
talk. on one hand not going to be amnesty and then guarantee if you it were to come out as steve said would be labeled amnesty by jeff sessions and former congressman steve can. >> no, amnesty is citizenship. >> no. that is completely false. am amnesty. >> citizenship, right to vote and right to be an american permanently. >> that unsense that's your definition nativist and radio strikessistists for years. if you are here in the country illegally and you loued to stai under any surexes. where goats amnesty. he would be hammered. trump would be hammered by hardliners call it amnesty. >> steve, you would propose that mr. trump would be an ability for the people, the illegals who have been here with families who have been working to stay but no path to citizenship? >> that is exactly correct. that's what i would advise
8:27 pm
him. this is important when you say there is a softening. there is potential softening. he has not made any decisions yet. listening for input. he wants to reach out to. they matter. by the way, they are not doing well. even though hispanic fers are giving their votes lately to the democratic party they shouldn't because the democratic party takes them for granted and hispanics have done very poorly. hispanic household wealth is 1/10th. >> thank you very much. an fbi investigation of the clinton foundation may be underway. the details right after this. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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this is a knox news alert in new york. a race against time in central ittaly. rescue workers are frantically working to dig out survivors from the rubble, many using their bare hands to comb through debris. people have been pulled out alive in cases but 159 people died. hundreds more have been hurt and officials fear the numbers are certain to climb as the such continues. a brutal terrorist attack at the american university of afghanistan in kabul is over but the death toll is heavy.
8:32 pm
12 people are reported dead and 44 wounded. most victims are students. two attackers were reportedly also killed. no claims of responsibility so far. now back to "the o'reilly factor". for all of your headlines remember to log on to ♪ ♪ in the factor follow-up segment tonight the growing controversy around the clinton foundation with new questions about new access and pay to play allegations. tie hard supporters are using grim rhetoric to defend the foundation. >> the clinton foundation was, a, taking no money for the clintons, raising money from rich people and giving it to poor people. and all of the sudden the press has decided that we're going to go after this and shut it down. you know what? you are probably going to be successful and they are going to be people going to die because of this. >> joining us now with reaction from tallahassee
8:33 pm
author of the big best seller clinton cash now out in paperback. peter, james carville said people are going to die if you shut down the clinton foundation. true or false? >> james carville with all due respect doesn't know what the clinton foundation does. first of all, it doesn't give money to poor people. it gives money to highly paid consultants who on the clinton foundation payroll. second of all, his claim that the money doesn't go to the clintons, it does, indirectly. i mean, bill clinton wrote a book called giving a few years ago which was about the clinton foundation. he took the advance which was about a million dollars for himself personally. and, third, to the point that people are going to die, that is ridiculous. clinton foundation has done some good things. there are lots of other charities that are doing better things and i think dollars will be better spent on other charities than they clinton foundation. >> peter, we have heard a lot of the stories from the things going on. some of the things that the clinton foundation has done, pay to play, illegal, who knows. do you think the fbi is investigating currently and
8:34 pm
do you think there should be a special prosecutor? >> well, i don't know the exact status of what the fbi is doing now. i will say that earlier this year at their request i sat down with two people from the bureau to talk about some things related to the clinton foundation, specifically things that were in clinton cash. and there is no question in my mind, based on that conversation, that they had an advanced knowledge of the clinton foundation and some of these i. i do think that given what we have seen with the department of justice, the fact that they basically have sketched previous investigations, the fact that you have got the attorney general sitting down with bill clinton, who would be the subject of this kind of investigation, leads me to the reality that the department of justice is not going to allow any kind of fair investigation to take place. so i think we, unfortunately, don't have another option. we have got to have somebody with subpoena power, somebody with law enforcement capability, but they have to be independent of the department of justice because it's been two
8:35 pm
politicized. >> aka a special prosecutor. i want to drill down into this tenao holdings. this sounds strange to me. shadowy consulting firm. almost like a broker. they were setting up deals for bill clinton's speeches which happened the value of his speech skyrocketed under hillary clinton's state department also doug band the crown prince of bahrain dropping $32,000 clinton foundation getting access. huma abedin had ties to hillary clinton's state department and tenao holdings. and bill clinton was a top advisor. what is this group all about? >> it's a great question, eric. there is a lot of mystery there alike 990s. tenao is a privately held consulting firm. like we know the clinton foundation, the state department, there was this
8:36 pm
massive blurring of lines between the two. the same is true with this consulting firm. huma abedin at one point was on the payroll of the stated department, the clinton foundation and tenao holdings all at the same time. doug band, connected to the clinton foundation is set up -- help set up tenao which puts bill clinton on the payroll. it's all a miss match. the reason we have ethical rules and laws to create clear lines is precisely to avoid conflicts of interests and corruption. this is precisely what the clintons did. they blurred the lines where there are supposed to be clear lines. >> corporations sometimes do that they will take a holding company and throw it overseas and do business with that so it shields the business from the american and the sec. in fact, tenao is this a similar example of this. they are literally selling access through tenao of bill clinton and hillary clinton. >> yeah. what i would ask people to
8:37 pm
do, eric, is go look at their website. the website for this consulting firm is woe open doors. we help get access. we help make things happen. and where are they set up? they are set up in political capitals around the world. and it is populated not so much with bruners and businessmen but with exgovernment officials that have relationships in their relative countries it's a classic example -- >> --we have got to go. i found it interesting when they started doing business 2009. guess what year hillary clinton started being the secretary of state? 2009. peter schweizer, thank you very much. directly ahead, the trump campaign may have a new secret weapon, a republican all-star who is teaming up with trump. he joins us next. ♪
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click or call. thanks for staying with us, i'm eric bolling in for bill o'reilly. and in the personal story segment tonight be the final sprint of the 2016
8:42 pm
presidential campaign, one of the republican national committee's top stars is joining forces with the trump campaign to try and score a victory in november. joining us now from washington, that top star, sean spicer, chief strategist and communication director for the rnc. spicer, spending more time in new york. what's you doing? >> i'm going it spend more time in new york but i'm still a sox-patriots fan. >> you can't divert attention to what the question was. what's you doing over at trump tower so much? >> look, we are in the final 75 days of the campaign. what we need to do is make sure that our forces, our team, whether it's the data team, political team finance or communication are ready to go and make sure that the contrast is between donald trump, hillary clinton and the rest of that down ballot ticket. >> are you the guy walking down the hallway. they see you coming they slam the door? quick, here comes spicer, close the door. >> no, i will tell you i was up there earlier this week.
8:43 pm
i will be back tomorrow. enthusiasm and excitement, that's on the floors of the campaign staff is unreal. everybody is excited. i think and really fond of the direction that the new team is taking this thing in. i think the candidate. you have seen it the pest two weeks of this campaign are happening right now. and coin dentingly, the worst two weeks of the clinton campaign. this is going to be a dogfight coming down to the final 75 at as. and i feel really good about where we are headed. >> yeah, sean, i find it very interesting. you are right. i think trump has turned the corner here. is he resonating. also hillary clinton has been literally nonexistent for the past five or six days. i mean, donald trump has been to louisiana. president obama has been to louisiana. she has been raising money. >> right. i mean, look at for all the hook at her schedule, beverly hill, greenwich, connecticut. cape cod, nantucket. a there is not battle ground states. there is a not a lot of money there kept a low profile and hasn't given a
8:44 pm
press conference in 263 days. these revelations that keep coming out. they send out these spokes people that can't answer the question. and try to deflect and continue for the 30 year talking point of the clintons about how it's a far right wing conspiracy. but the fact of the matter is one the emails comes out from the crown prince of bahrain, talks about that he couldn't get a meeting through official channels at the state department. they pushed him over to the clinton foundation and lo and behold for $32 million, he got to meet the secretary. so, i mean, this is literally the definition of quid pro quo. pay to play, insider access. the clintons have one set of rules for themselves and one for everyone else. this idea of enriching themselves continues. you know, eric, it's funny. i never can forget hillary's quote about how she was dead broke when they left the white house. without doing much of anything, they are now worth over $110 million and oversee a foundation of $2 billion. it sounds like they have done pretty darn well trading off access to government. >> sean, is it typical for
8:45 pm
the rnc to work that closely with the campaign? has this always happened? >> yeah, sure. absolutely. we had a few staffers that worked out of boston last cycle. mccain had a similar thing. his headquarters was out of articleton. under this chairman, we have been committed to making sure we have the strongest team out there. again, we have teams embedded with digital and data team. fundraising is the same way. political operation, the ground game is better than it's been before. hand in glove operation to make sure from the top of the ticket donald trump and mike pence all the way down to people running for local office, we have the strongest ticket. strongest operation. >> are call them the washington insiders. the establishment types, are they on board with what you are doing? >> they better be. because this is what is going to propel us to victory. i think once we continue to have more and more weeks like we have had the last two and hillary you will see continue. look, the erosion in the poll is largely the republicans. as they come home and they
8:46 pm
number one for a lot of these guys see we are going to win and number two hear about more of these vision policies that donald trump is laying out every week. he has talked about taxes and national security. as he continues to lay out that vision and more and more people come home, not only are the polls going to close, as we head to september, it's going to be a dogfight with trump up. >> last thought, kellyanne conway. steve, do you like the team. >> i do. these guys, i'm telling you, you watch not just talking to them personally, when you are around the team that they're running over there. people are inspired. they are invog rated. the enthusiasm that exists around the staff because of these two individuals is unbelievable. they have inspoird these folks to get out there. double down on their -- they are already working 24 hours but they will squeeze every second out of them. they have a plan to win. hooking at the campaign from bottom to top. making sure that every second that donald trump and mike pence are out there is the most effective use of their time and it's very, very strategic in how we get to these battle ground
8:47 pm
states and get the 270 must votes we need in the electoral college. >> leave it there and look forward to seeing you at the hot dog cart over there thursday or friday. >> thanks, eric. >> donald trump ramping up efforts to court african-american voters. is it starting to pay off? we will be right back with that. it's the phillips' lady! anyone ever have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? [ simultaneously ] she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! phillips. be good to your gut. millions of women worldwide trust tena with their bladder matters. thanks to its triple protections from leaks, odor and moisture. tena lets you be you ♪
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in the back of the book segment tonight, donald trump and the african-american vote. the trump campaign is aggressively expanding its outreach to the african-american community. some on the far left aren't buying it. >> donald trump is a bigot. there is no other way to get around it. >> wow. >> anybody who supports accept that supports it anybody who supports it is
8:51 pm
promoting it. donald trump. you to decide whether you want to make fun of one of my colleagues of "the new york times." you have to decide that. >> joining me, fox news contributors. i don't know which one to start with. monica, donald trump, according to charles, he's a bigot. if you're a supporter of trump, you're a bigot too. >> we've heard that. those who represent the elite mainstream media like mr. blow.
8:52 pm
this is perhaps something that he's racist and bigot. if you support his platform and restoring america, bringing it back to its foundational principles of economic liberty and enforcing borders and fiscal respondent, that somehow that makes you a racist. it is incredibly irresponsible and what they're doing is not just smearing him but they're smearing the millions of people who support him and what he represents. >> ebony, monica points out, mainstream media, he works for "the new york times," i believe he's also a cnn contributor. should he have such a hard-line stance on trump and supporters? >> to my knowledge charles b blough. he's not talking to the black community at all, actually. he's talking about the black
8:53 pm
community but not to the black community and there are facts -- >> why do you say that. >> well, because many of the speeches donald trump has gifrp, i submit they're good but they're too almost all white audiences. >> let me push back. >> sure. >> you mean those in front of him, not at the 5 million or 10 million watching on cable television? >> what you're saying is important but who you're saying it in front of is important too. i think the black community wants to see donald trump if he's at all sincere. but take those opportunities to go to the naacp, places where he's been invited because he wants to hear the message. >> monica? >> donald trump deserves a lot of credit for even beginning this conversation over what has happened in the last 50, 60, 70 years. when he points out urban centers like chicago, detroit, baltimore, you see the wreckage
8:54 pm
of libya reraliberalism. what they've done to the black community, you know, almost century has been a crime against humanity. what donald trump is trying to say is, look, i don't expect to build rome in day, but i'm trying to get a message to the black community that, look, we tried it their way, look at the wreckage, look at the mezry of this community, try something different. >> and what in the hello do you have to lose. not bad message. >> some say it is. they'll say how about my self respect. here's where they're continuing from. i agree with you. those are strong critiques that have not served the betterment and that's absolutely a conversation we have to have. that's half of it. the other half is donald trump convincingly and compellingly talking about how he'll be a changed agent in a particular way. he's got to talk about the central park five. he's got to talk about the housing discrimination suits and
8:55 pm
clear his record on these issues. >> it also needs to be not just a hit and run. they'll make a speech like this once and then they back off and they don't press it, they don't pursue it. if trump is serious about starting to turn this around, and, again, rome not built in a day, this is about trying to shift a battleship in the ocean because the democrats have indoctrinated the black community for 70, 80 years. so that's deeply entrenched. if donald trump can reach 12, 15% of them, he can make a real difference, maybe not in this election, but he can start to make a real attitudinal shift. he's got to go into the black community. >> he's at 8%. that sounds low, but it's high compared to rodney and mccain. >> you've got to start somewhere, and i agree. it's a heavy burden, heavy lifting he would have to do. i think it's right. it's not so onerous that you should own it or abandon the
8:56 pm
mission, and i'm happy do that. >> we've pointed it out a hundred thousand times. poverty in the african community has gone up, employment has gone down, fo down. >> that brings up the policies. how are you going to address the issues of crime and poverty, he's talking about tax relief. >> he talks about that. he talks about school choil choice and entrepreneurialship, if he talks about it at these event, it's a different thing. >> location, location, location. >> real estate, it matters. >> monica and ebb any, thank you. when we come back, giving
8:57 pm
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before we go tonight, hillary clinton's campaign is having a rough week but that's making it easy for late night comics. >> after spend 1g $2 million in ads on olympics to reach a brown audience, hillary clinton is expected to cover air time for the nfl this fall and just to cover her bases she's starting for the giants. >> the state department has been ordered by federal judge to produce nearly 15,000 of hptilly clinton's unreleased e-mails. right now i don't want to say she's worried about it blowing up but today she's asked ryan lochte to make up another robbe
9:00 pm
robbery. that's it for today. be sure to check out my best searl "wake up america" and also please remember the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, hillary clinton under mounting pressure tonight from the left and the right to shut the doors of her clinton foundation once and for all. and tonight the clintons are fighting back big time. welcome to "the kelly file," everybody, i'm megyn kelly. we brought you a story from the "associated press" that suggests that hillary clinton held many, many meetings with clinton foundation donors while she was supposed to be doing the american people's business. they found that 140 people with private interests who met or had phone conversations with then secretary of state clinton more than half or 85 of them gave money to her foundation, the clinto


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